COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

(COVID – 19)


Safeguarding Travel with Standard Operating Protocols

The following health and safety policy will be updated continuously in order to reflect the prevailing local, regional and international laws and regulations regarding COVID-19.

Company Statement

Bespoke Holidays India is committed to providing guests with travel experiences that are enjoyable, memorable and above all, safe. The company recognizes that tourism in each of our destinations will need to function differently in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with a significantly greater emphasis on personal safety and operational diligence. At all levels of the company, we are implementing health and safety protocols to safeguard guests, employees, partners and suppliers from possible infection and transmission of the virus, now and in the future.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol Supervision

Bespoke Holidays India has a dedicated COVID-19 Health & Safety Team Leader, responsible for the implementation and maintenance of safety protocols. The dedicated team leader will supervise and also ensure all safety protocols are followed and implemented by all the associate offices and representatives at each of our operating destinations.

Staff Screening Measures

All Bespoke Holidays India staff members and representatives will have their body temperature checked and recorded with a non-contact thermometer. Any staff member showing COVID-19 symptoms must self-isolate. Any Bespoke Holidays India staff with confirmed COVID-19 must self-isolate for a minimum period of 14 days. Regional and national authorities must also be contacted to confirm the case of transmission and enact network tracing protocols where necessary.

Staff and Safety Protocols

All Bespoke Holidays India team members will adhere to COVID-19 health & safety protocols and procedures as per guidelines issued by WHO and local authorities. All client-facing staff and representatives, such as meet & greet representatives, drivers and guides, follow appropriate health and safety protocols and the same are implemented in all aspects of their daily activities, according to company policy.

Some elements of basic protocols, that all our team members and representatives adhere, to include:

  • Personal hygiene protocols,
  • Wash hands frequently with soap or use alcohol based sanitizer (with minimum 65% alcohol),
  • Cover mouth and face with mask at all times,
  • Social distancing – Don’t stand close to people who are coughing, sneezing or have a fever,
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth,
  • See a doctor if experiencing respiratory issues,
  • As a precaution, practice general hygiene measures when visiting live-animal markets, wet markets or animal-product markets.

Food & Beverages

To ensure the safety of staff, clients, partners, and local people, Bespoke Holidays India will only be providing sanitized bottled water during the course of travel. The bottled water will be served by the drivers following the hygiene protocols (using sanitized gloves) for the handling and serving of beverages. No other food & any beverage or refreshments will be provided/served onboard the vehicle or anytime during the course of the journey by any of our team members and representatives. This has been considered for the safety of all our guests and team members and to minimize the possibility of virus transmission in prevailing circumstances.

Operational Safety Protocols

Bespoke Holidays India recognizes the need for thorough, comprehensive, and workable solutions to be implemented at all stages of the guest experience. The COVID-19 health & safety protocols outline operational procedures relating to physical distancing, correct sanitization of all touchpoints, non-contact transactions, waiting areas, queuing, restaurants and bars, swimming pools, and accommodation.

Products & Services

Certain existing activities, such as cycling, national park game drives, nature walks, or hiking in small groups, can be carried out safely and with minimal risk, provided the appropriate social distancing and safety protocols are observed in each case. Other activities will require an appraisal on a case-by-case basis. New products and services are also being created and offered by Bespoke Holidays India, made specifically to safeguard guests against COVID-19 and focusing on activities and attractions that pose little or no threat of transmission of the virus.

Hotel Protocols

Every hotel has implemented its own set of COVID-19 health and safety regulations based on local government guidelines. These standards combine temperature screening for staff and guests, the appropriate use of PPE, room cleaning, hand sanitizers, social distancing, food and beverage provision, public areas, protocols for suspected COVID-19 infection and safety measures for the use of swimming pools.


Bespoke Holidays India will adhere to government regulations in each of the countries in which we operate, with regards to the safe and responsible return to MICE activities. This includes, but is not limited to, the selection of venues, staff safety protocols, group number restrictions, attendee conduct regulations and any further restrictions stipulated at either the local, regional, national, or global levels.


Due to their being enclosed spaces, vehicles are especially high-risk environments, particularly when used for long journeys or prolonged periods of time with travelers’ confined in close proximity. As such, Bespoke Holidays India has devised extensive safety protocols for the maintenance of vehicles, operation of tours in which vehicles are featured, and the conduct of clients and staff when using these facilities. These include rigorous training for drivers, regular cleaning protocols including sanitizing all touchpoints of vehicles (such as door handles, bottle holders, glove boxes, etc.), physical distancing measures, and operational procedures.