Bespoke Holidays India – Health & Safety Protocols

Navigating the New Normal

After the long lockdown, the dialogue surrounding the prevailing pandemic COVID-19 is beginning to shift from containment to recovery in some parts of Asia wherein Southeast Asia’s tourism sector is already making plans for the new normal. Several countries are beginning to lift travel restrictions, flights are taking off and businesses are reopening. To ensure a safe and healthy transition, virus protocols are needed to safeguard travelers – and the industry itself – as the world prepares to start traveling again.

For travelers, tour operators, hotels, suppliers, and local people, the impact of events in 2020 will likely be felt for years to come. Tourism infrastructure and operations will need to function differently in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with a significantly greater emphasis on personal safety and operational diligence.

Bespoke Holidays India, as a responsible tour operating entity, is implementing its own health and safety protocols to safeguard guests, employees, partners, associates, and suppliers. Our response is informed by the latest advice from international health organizations and regional governments and will be continually updated and improved as new information comes to light and best practices are refined and shared across the industry.

From root to branch, Bespoke Holidays India operations, products, and services, training, and company structure will be adapted to meet these new challenges. The company has established a dedicated COVID-19 Health & Safety Team, responsible for risk assessment; hygiene, screening and sanitizing procedures; emergency procedures, containment and reporting in the event of new cases; and training for all staff to make sure the new company policy is enforced effectively.

To keep guests, agents and partners informed about these on-going changes, Bespoke Holidays India’s new COVID-19 Health & Safety policy contains detailed information on the following policies and practices: COVID-19 operational safety protocols; hygiene guidelines; screening measures for clients and staff; examples of hotel protocols implemented in each of our destinations; new products and services, tailored to the requirements of the new normal; MICE travel; and safety measures put in place to safeguard the vehicles and transportation services provided through its associates.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy is available to read online, please click here to read it